Happy Holidays Lunch Menu #2


  • $

    Meat Ball

    Tomato Ragu, Ricotta cheese

  • $


    Artichoke, Mozarrella, Mancheco, Sweet chilli

  • $

    Pear Ravioli

    homemade ravioli’s stuffed with ricotta cheese and diced caramelized pears in a gorgonzola fondue.

Main Course

  • $

    Rigatoni Carbonara

    Pancetta, onions, Light cream sauce

  • $

    Risotto Vialetto

    Peas, mushrooms and shrimp

  • $

    Chicken Teriyaki

    Homemade Teriyaki sauce,Organic chicken breast


  • $

    Coconut Caramel Flan

  • $

    Panna cotta

    Nutella or Dulce de Leche

Sangria, soda, coffee, and tea included

$35.00 plus tax and tip for adults | $15.00 plus tax and tip for kids