#StayAtHome Menu

Take out and Delivery only

(within a 4 mile radius and for an order over $75)
Call 305-446-5659
Wednesday thru Saturday
Hours 5-9 pm

Small Bites

  • $10


    potato, truffle oil and shredded short ribs served with a black bean puree and sweet plantains.

  • $11

    Creamy Polenta

    Italian corn meal blended with shredded short ribs, mozzarella and truffle oil.

  • $11

    Meat Balls

    homemade buffalo meatballs in a tomato ragu served with a scoop of ricotta.


  • $20

    Burrata marinated artichoke and roasted peppers

  • $16

    Salmon sashimi

    salmon sashimi served in a sesame seed oil soy tomato and capers with Marcelo’s special sauce blend.

  • $17

    Tuna Toston

    lightly blackened seared sashimi tuna served with a julienne parmesan, cucumber, shoestring potatoes salad in a spicy truffle vinaigrette on top of a toston.

  • $16

    Shrimp nuggets

    beer battered shrimp tempura served in a spicy chili guava paste.


  • $30

    Chicken Parmesan

    Organic breast of chicken, Pomodoro sauce, melted provolone cheese, champagne risotto.

  • $58


    Pan seared, sauce of the day and champagne risotto.

  • $40

    Raspberry Duck

    Breast of Duck medallions, raspberry jam demi glaze, champagne risotto.

  • $52

    Short ribs #1 Dish

    Braised, rosemary demi glace, champagne risotto.


  • $26

    Gnocchi Asiago

    Stuffed, light cream sage sauce with crispy prosciutto on top.

  • $25

    Rigatoni Papalina

    Tube pasta served with cubed organic chicken breast, mushrooms and sweet peas, oink sauce.

  • $34

    Pasta del año

    Homemade fettuccine, sundried tomatoes, porcini mushroom, buffalo mozzarella and jumbo shrimp in a truffle oil reduction sauce.

  • $34

    Pappardelle short ribs

    Homemade wide noodles, sautéed with shredded short ribs, mozzarella and spinach, olive oil and garlic reduction, a touch of black truffle oil.

  • $26

    Buffalo and Pasta

    Homemade buffalo meatballs, spaghetti pasta, tomato ragu, dash of ricotta cheese.

Risotto Lovers

  • $26


    Roasted almonds, sweet plantains and goat cheese.

  • $35

    Short ribs

    A Favorite! Shredded short ribs, mozzarella, spinach and truffle oil.

  • $35


    Pancetta and caramelized onions with shrimp.

  • $37


    Mushrooms, peas and large sea scallops

  • $36

    Fruta di mare

    3 ways: black, champagne or lobster bisque sauce. YOU PICK! Served with shrimp calamari and scallops.

Rockin Ravioli

  • $24


  • $23


  • $23


  • $23

    Short rib

  • $20


  • $20



  • $8


    (Nutella or Dulce de leche)

  • $10

    The Funk